The Forest Floor

The two films from ’The Forest Floor’ are a part of a computer-game/digital installation where the films are shown on screens inside a digital forest which can be explored by the viewer using a keyboard and mouse. The texts that are read by actors in the films are thoughts and feelings about limited time and energy. How much can you take in? What do you prioritize when you explore, for example, a digital forest? Do you compare your human mind with the mind of a computer? Do you push your mind too far, forgetting that you cannot yet upgrade your ”hardware” to handle an increased flow of data? What happens to your sense of self and your relationships in the midst of this increased flow? The computer-game-installation was shown as the graduate project of Vic West for the BFA at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - Schools of Visual Arts in Brønshøj Water-tower in May 2019.

Film 1 and film 2 from 'The Forest Floor' (7 min. each)

(Image from gameplay showing avatar body)

The visitor of the exhibition plays the game using a mouse and keyboard.

(Image from gameplay showing film 2)

(Documentation of installation)