Digital installation/ Computer Game

Soundscape is a computer-game/digital installation created by Vic West and exhibited for Pulsar festival 2019. The game is controlled by the viewer using a keyboard and mouse. It is simply a soundscape in the way that the space can be explored according mostly to sound stimuli in stead of visual stimuli. There are no other visual ques for the space except the spotlight in the center of the square plane, on which the avatar is standing, and the minimap in the corner of the screen indicating a circle surrounding the center of the square. The circle indicates where a song is played. Sections of a piece of digital music are placed in this circle so that they somewhat overlap. That is, when the avatar in placed anywhere along the circle some music can be heard. As well, if you control the avatar to walk along the circle the section of the song you are currently hearing blends into the next section. So, if you walk around the circle you will hear the full song.

(Image of start screen.)

(Image from gameplay. The spotlight indicates the center of the circle.)

(Image from gameplay showing avatar body holding an alternative map of the space)

(Image from gameplay showing the map of the game. The circle indicates where the music can be heard.)

(Documentation of installation)