Open Call for Subjects

This is an open call for donations of images that will be transformed into artworks. These artworks will be paintings depicting subjects, that is: the subjective view of a particular person at a particular time. The artwork will be a new subject based on the person's subject which has undergone several transformatins. The result of this open call will be number VI-XI in the series of works titled ”Virtual Reality”.


1. Please think of a person who’s perspective on the world you wish you could see, or you wish the world could see. It can be yourself, someone close to you or someone distant. Although it needs to be someone you can contact.

2. Please contact this person and ask if they would like to participate in this project. If they accept please ask them to take at least six photographs from one moment in their lives. It can be a typical moment in their lives, an atypical moment or a moment they would like someone else to experience. The photographs should be taken with a camera or phone pointing out from in front of the participant’s eyes, capturing what that person can see in that particular situation. Photos should be taken so as to include the whole visual field of the person. An example of six acceptable photos can be seen here:

3. When you have at least six photos roughly matching the example please ask the participant if they would like to include their name and the location and time in which the photos were taken in the title of the resulting work. If they agree the title will be:

Virtual Reality (number) Name, Occupation, Location, date, time, notes

For example:

Virtual Reality VII, Vic West, Artist, Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, 09/09/2020, 14:54, It's raining outside today

The participant can choose to include as few or as many parts of this information as they like. I no information is included the title will be:

Virtual Reality (number) Anonymous

4. When you have the photos and the chosen information please send them all in an email to:

You may now give this open call booklet to someone else. In that way the network of people included will expand one more degree.

Download document as pdf to send to someone else:

Additional information:

- The participant can choose to retract any information or any photographs at any time. This information will then be deleted. However, if an artwork has already been produced based on this subject I reserve the right to keep and to exhibit the work as I wish, with an anonymous title.

- I cannot guarantee that the submitted photos and information will result in an artwork. If I receive more than six submissions the one’s I do not use for my work will be safely stored as an archive of subjects on this website.

Thank you for your participation!

See Virtual Reality I-V for more information. / Vic West 2020