Natur/Grymhet is a digital installation/computer game from 2018 surrounding the text with the same name written by Vic. It is an exploration of the aftermath of sexual violence and its impact on the sense of self and the sense of having a body. The space within the game is experienced in Virtual reality and the body of the avatar can be seen by looking down, as you would at your own body, as well as in a mirror, which is found in the first "room" in the installation.

(Image with the VR headset and keyboard and mouse which are all used to play the walking simulation. The screen shows the first room with the mirror.)

(The mirror image of the avatar)

(Looking down)

(The door to the second room)


I tried to hold myself together so I wouldn’t float into the nature
What makes someone hurt someone and not stop?
I said ”it feels like I am floating into nature, I feel exposed, it is too bright”.
She said ”I think I know how you feel, I think I feel the same way”.
When she said that I felt so alone because I knew that I could never know if she really felt the same or not.
Have you ever been in a position of power but believed you were the one oppressed?
I felt I was hovering in an uncomfortable way.
Do you feel guilty?
It was as if the light and the sharp images of nature, leaves and twigs, were lifting me up.
As if I was in love but the feeling was created by aliens trying to experiment with me.



Jag försökte hålla mig samman så jag inte skulle flyta ut i naturen.
Vad är det som gör att någon skadar någon och inte slutar?
Jag sa "det känns som jag håller på att flyta ut i naturen, jag känner mig utlämnad, det är för ljust".
Hon sa "jag tror jag förstår hur du känner, jag tror jag känner likadant".
När hon sa det kände jag mig så ensam för jag visste att jag inte kunde veta säkert om hon kände likadant eller inte.
Har du någonsin varit i maktposition och trott att du är i underläge?
Jag kände att jag svävade på ett obehagligt sätt.
Har du skuldkänslor?
Det var som om det var ljuset och de skarpa bilderna av natur, blad och kvistar, som lyfte mig upp.
Som att jag var kär men att känslan var skapad av aliens som ville experimentera med mig.