My lost file/body

Factors that either promote or decrease dissociation?
Constantly shifting between worlds;
TV, mobile, computer, reality, daydreams, empathy, abstract thought, alone, not alone.
Difference between outer identity and inner identity
Taking selfies
Taking too many selfies
Seeing yourself in pictures
Never seeing yourself in pictures
Lack of mirroring in childhood
Looking in the mirror
A lot of mirroring in childhood
Difference in value of outer wills to inner wills
Valuing outer wills more than inner wills
The opposite
Meditation focusing on being in your body
Meditation focusing on removing yourself from your body
Expressing thoughts and emotions to other people
Not expressing thoughts and emotions to other people
Coming out
Staying in half way .

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Dissociation: The feeling of detachment from one’s emotions, consciousness or body.

Mirroring: The acknowledgement of one’s existence, and of the validity of one’s emotions, from other individuals (outer values).

My Lost File/My Lost Body

My lost file

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